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We deliver innovative, industry leading training that is tested and proven to reduce risk to your staff, customers and business. Our training raises threat awareness and will provide your organisation with new skill sets to spot the early signs and reduce the threat.
Don’t just plan for the worst, prevent it
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Our experts have consulted and led training packages for a wide and growing range of sectors. Our training objectives benefit many industries from the public sector through to higher risk corporations and individuals.

Our Mission

  • 1 to help staff to understand threat to your business or sector,
  • 2 their part in protecting your business and customers,
  • 3 common sense measures they can take to enchance their own security,
  • 4 to make your business a difficult place for criminals to operate.

Current Terrorism Threat Level in the UK

The UK threat level from international terrorism is set by JTAC (Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre) and the Security Service, MI5. On 29 August 2014 the UK threat level was changed from Substantial to Severe.


An attack is unlikely

An attack is possible but not likely

An attack is a strong possibility

An attack is highly likely
Current level in the UK

An attack is expected imminently